Saturday, 14 June 2014

Vivid, Sydney

I must admit that I have been recently neglecting my blog. I am back in Sydney. It has taken me a lot of time to adjust, but now I am settled and ready to blog!

The other night, my friend and I checked out Vivid. It was extraordinary! Vivid is an annual event that happens in Sydney. It has been running for the last six years and every year it gets better and better. It consists of amazing light art sculptures, music and other fun happenings.  

Going to Vivid reminded me how beautiful and special my home city is. Creative light sculptures projected onto some of Sydneys key tourist sites, like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

If you live in Sydney or visit Sydney, Vivid is an event that you must check out.

What exciting events happen in your city or town?


  1. I think Sidney is an amazing place and you are lucky to live there! Love this kind of events, this one looks so interesting! We have 2 beer fests running in Sofia at the moment because of the World Cup. It's cool!


  2. Oh, which fantastic light art! Looks really cool with the water in front. (:
    In the near where I live starts next weekend the Formel 1 Grand Prix.^^

  3. I have seen pictures of this event before; it just looks breathtaking!

  4. This is an event I would enjoy. Vivid is certainly a great name for it too with all those vibrant colours. We saw a similar light show in Dubai and found it fascinating.

  5. PS Just been reding some of your previous posts. Travel is a passion of mine too and I'm pleased to be following along now with Bloglovin'

  6. lovely pics... make me miss Sydney!

  7. omg fantastic photos! really really beautfiul! @_@ I wish I could get there now Y_Y

  8. Lovely post !xxKind of in love with your blog!
    Keep in touch xoxo