Bratislava, Slovakia

After travelling to Poland, I went to Bratislava in Slovakia. I chose this destination because it was easy to get to from Warsaw and it was only a short train ride away from Vienna.

Bratislava was a very unique experience for me. The last few moths I had always been in the company of others, and then I was in Bratislava with just me, myself and I. During my short stay here I experienced a few emotions. At first, I detested being by myself. However, soon after I realised that being by myself allowed me time to self-reflect and think about a lot of things I have been ignoring. 

Whilst I was in Bratislava, I met some other solo travellers. We had a great chat and agreed that there are many pros and cons when travelling by oneself. I have found that I am far more efficient and organized when by myself. I saw many more sights and made sure I knew exactly how to get to each sight. However, I must say that it is a lot more enjoyable sharing a special experience with someone your are close to. Travelling can be very daunting when you’re in a new environment and I find it a lot more comforting when I’m with someone else during these times. 

Thus, I have had a very educational time in Slovakia. I definitely have learnt a lot about myself. 

Things I loved in Bratislava

  • The Castle - It had incredible views of the city and showed an incredible contrast in the city. I was able to see the Old Town, the New Town and the communist part. 40% of the town was destroyed and replaced with modern buildings  e.g. The UFO Bridge. It was also communist up until 1976, so the dull communist buildings have been painted to try and brighten the city, but now it just looks like a lego city. 
  • Church of St. Elizabeth AKA The Blue Church or The Smurf Church. The interior and exteriors are both blue, the church was very Gaudi like and there was a school beside it that was also by the same architect. Contrastingly, opposite the church is a dull and abandoned communist hospital. 
  • St. Martins Cathedral
  • Euroviso Gallerioa - a marvellous giant shopping centre.
  • The various statues around the city. 
I highly recommend Be Free Walking Tours. I had a great guide named Lucia. Lucia gave an elaborate tour of the city and had extensive knowledge of the history of Bratislava. I found the tour to be very interesting and informative.

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