Friday, 11 April 2014


My boyfriend and I travelled to Poland for five days. As soon as we hopped of the plane it was snowing. It was beautiful, but incredibly cold!

Our hostel (Greg & Tom) in Krakow was in such a good location. It also provided a free breakfast and dinner. It was right across the road from Galleria Krakowska, a great shopping centre. I’m known to be quite a frugal person, so Poland was great for me because everything was super affordable, which was also good because my wallet was running dry. 

We had a day trip to Auschwitz. We had a choice to go on a guided tour, or to go by ourselves. We decided to go by ourselves because we didn’t want to feel rushed. Auschwitz definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience. However, it certainly puts things into perspective and made me realise how harsh our world can truly be. One part of the museum showcased children’s artwork that had been created whilst they were in the concentration camp. Artists had reproduced these artworks by sketching them on the walls in one part of the museum, this part of the museum really hit me. I just couldn’t even comprehend how difficult life would have been for these children. 

Things to see in Krakow:

Auschwitz - I didn’t love Auschwitz, but it was certainly educational
Galleria Krakowska - A fabulous shopping centre, with some good places to eat
Wawel Castle - An eclectic gothic castle
Saint Mary’s Church - Inside this church is a breathtaking wooden altarpiece
Polish Pub - We definitely ate a lot schnitzel and french fries!

Things to see in Warsaw:

The Royal Castle - A beautiful red castle
The Old Town - Very quaint and colourful
The Uprising Museum - A really interesting museum


  1. I really want to visit Poland one day. It's interesting and if I have the chance I'd definitely go to Warsaw, Krakow and other cities. I am also really curious to see Auschwitz although I know I wouldn't like it. But as you said, it is educational. Nice pictures!


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  3. gorgeous photos! i don't live too far away from the border to poland so i definitely want to go there some day soon!

    sarah <3
    /bruise collector

  4. Amazing photos, Poland looks like a fantastic place to visit. I am thankful for your comment. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. great pics. and I can't believe the snow. it's so different to what I'm surrounded by at the moment...

  6. These photos bring back many memories... Very interesting to see the cities in winter.

  7. Look like you've had fun! I'll take note and definitely go visit those places when I have the chance to visit Poland!

  8. The architecture looks really great, this old town looks like from a fairy-tale.Those photographs are adorable, looks like you had an amazing trip:)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  9. Loving the look of all the buildings! So beautiful

    Katrina Sophia Blog