Thursday, 6 February 2014


This time I went to Paris and stayed with my French friend, who I met on exchange. I was very fortunate because it was like having my own personal Parisian tour guide. Also, my family and a few other friends I met in Edinburgh came to Paris. My friend took me to all her favourite places, including some delicious restaurants and charming hidden bars. 

We had a lovely French Christmas dinner. We ate foie gras, snails, roast chicken, chocolate gateau and drank amazing French wine. 

We also had a fun New Years. We had a gathering at my friend's place, which consisted of eating delicious crepes and drinking champagne. Afterwards, we went to Champs Elysees, where we welcomed the new year. We had an enjoyable time!

Things I loved in Paris:
- Strolling around Monmarte and Pigalle area - We saw the Sacre Coeur and then had hot chocolate at a cute cafe.
- Climbing the Eiffel Tower - The views of Paris were breathtaking. 
- Shopping and celebrating the new year on Champs Elysees.
- Palais de Tokyo - My favourite contemporary art museum.
- Luxembourg Gardens - Despite the plants not blossoming because of the cold weather, I saw wallabies, which were a nice reminder of Australia. 
- The Beijing Circus - We were lucky to be invited to the circus, the performers were extremely talented. 
- Cycling around Bastille and to Pere Lachaise Cemetery, where Jim Morrison and many other famous people have been buried. 


  1. You are such a lucky! Paris is my 2014 dream destination!


  2. beautiful pics. I miss Paris. looks like I might get there in March tho ;)


  3. Nice Paris photos! I'm going to be there for three hours on Saturday and I am already looking forward to it.

  4. Your pictures are lovely. I love the Luxembourg gardens too :)

  5. Discovering the hidden Paris with a friend sounds amazing! actually, this whole trip sounds amazing-hope you had a wonderful christmas and new years xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  6. Great post hun,love Paris:))

  7. Paris is so beautiful! I am going in April :) X

  8. You are so lucky! Paris takes my breath away!

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    This is such an amazing post, I love Paris! I travel last year to Paris and I hope, I could came one day back. On New Years Eve it must be a special feeling. ;)

  10. I'm most jealous of the circus haha. And kind of jealous of the rest of it, Paris is never too bad! Except for the prices. Things I don't love about Paris: 7EUR cappuccinos.

    belle + compass

  11. Sounds like a fantastic trip! You are so lucky to have a Parisan friend :)

    Katrina Sophia Blog

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  13. I love Paris in your lens <3
    Paris is always a good idea :)

  14. Man, your pictures give me the urge to get back to Europe. I've been to Paris twice already and I would not hesitate to get back there. Such great food, architecture and just loads of photo opportunities every where you look.

  15. I've loved looking through all of your travel photographs :) It's certainly been an amazing trip so far. xx