My friends and I went to Dublin for a weekend trip. I really loved Dublin, I found it to be multicultural and alternative.

On the first day, we did a walking tour. The walking tour took us to the City Hall, Trinity College, Dublin Castle and the memorial park. Afterwards, we were exhausted, so we decided to chill out in a cafe called, ‘KC Peaches’. It was such a great cafe, the cakes were delicious! Later on in the evening, I caught up with some of my family and we went to a nice Italian restaurant. My friends and I had a quiet evening because we were tired from a busy week at university.

We had a fantastic second day. The weather was a lot warmer than in Edinburgh. We went to the Christ Church Cathedral, where there were some Christmas markets. We also went to St Auodoens Church. Later on, we went to the Guinness Store house, which was massive! We just looked around, but didn't go inside. Cake seemed to be a theme on the trip, we went to the Farmer’s Markets and bought a slice of cake each and a delicious bag of apples. In the evening, we went for a stroll along the Liffey River, which was so beautiful. Afterwards, we went to Temple Bar and then another pub near our hostel. We had such a great time drinking and listening to live music. Ireland definitely has great music in the pubs and on the streets.

The following day we went to Saint Stephen’s Green, and walked around the beautiful park. We also did some shopping on Grafton Street and ate at a great vegetarian restaurant called ‘Cornucopia’. For dinner we went to a pub that an Australian guy at our hostel recommended. We ate soooo much! We then went on a plane back to Edinburgh and began studying for exams the following day. Dublin was a great break from university.