Friday, 20 June 2014

Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Recently, my mum and I visited Cockatoo Island. The island is located in Sydney and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Historically, Cockatoo Island was a place where convicts had been sent.  Now it is a fun place to visit, where visitors can indulge in the breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour, ‘glamp’ and view exhibitions.

It is a great ferry ride to Cockatoo Island, it roughly took us twenty minutes on the express ferry from Circular Quay. Whilst on the ferry, we saw many wonderful Sydney landmarks, such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. 

As soon as we arrived, we went on the hunt for food. We sat on lounging chairs and listened to some nice tunes. We thoroughly enjoyed pizza and cocktails whilst we admired the lovely view.

Overall, it was an enjoyable day!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Vivid, Sydney

I must admit that I have been recently neglecting my blog. I am back in Sydney. It has taken me a lot of time to adjust, but now I am settled and ready to blog!

The other night, my friend and I checked out Vivid. It was extraordinary! Vivid is an annual event that happens in Sydney. It has been running for the last six years and every year it gets better and better. It consists of amazing light art sculptures, music and other fun happenings.  

Going to Vivid reminded me how beautiful and special my home city is. Creative light sculptures projected onto some of Sydneys key tourist sites, like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

If you live in Sydney or visit Sydney, Vivid is an event that you must check out.

What exciting events happen in your city or town?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The End of My Travels

In February, I met up with a friend in Vienna. Together, we travelled to Salzburg, which I loved because I'm a Sound of Music fanatic. We also went to Budapest and Prague. We hadn't seen each for a few years, so we had a wonderful time catching up and exploring some beautiful countries together.

I apologise, I didn't document this part of my trip very well. I had been overseas for seven months and was becoming quite tired. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy my pictures.

I definitely miss my time abroad. Looking back at all my photographs reminds me of how fortunate I was to have such a wonderful experience. I hope to travel again soon...

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bratislava, Slovakia

After travelling to Poland, I went to Bratislava in Slovakia. I chose this destination because it was easy to get to from Warsaw and it was only a short train ride away from Vienna.

Bratislava was a very unique experience for me. The last few moths I had always been in the company of others, and then I was in Bratislava with just me, myself and I. During my short stay here I experienced a few emotions. At first, I detested being by myself. However, soon after I realised that being by myself allowed me time to self-reflect and think about a lot of things I have been ignoring. 

Whilst I was in Bratislava, I met some other solo travellers. We had a great chat and agreed that there are many pros and cons when travelling by oneself. I have found that I am far more efficient and organized when by myself. I saw many more sights and made sure I knew exactly how to get to each sight. However, I must say that it is a lot more enjoyable sharing a special experience with someone your are close to. Travelling can be very daunting when you’re in a new environment and I find it a lot more comforting when I’m with someone else during these times. 

Thus, I have had a very educational time in Slovakia. I definitely have learnt a lot about myself. 

Things I loved in Bratislava

  • The Castle - It had incredible views of the city and showed an incredible contrast in the city. I was able to see the Old Town, the New Town and the communist part. 40% of the town was destroyed and replaced with modern buildings  e.g. The UFO Bridge. It was also communist up until 1976, so the dull communist buildings have been painted to try and brighten the city, but now it just looks like a lego city. 
  • Church of St. Elizabeth AKA The Blue Church or The Smurf Church. The interior and exteriors are both blue, the church was very Gaudi like and there was a school beside it that was also by the same architect. Contrastingly, opposite the church is a dull and abandoned communist hospital. 
  • St. Martins Cathedral
  • Euroviso Gallerioa - a marvellous giant shopping centre.
  • The various statues around the city. 
I highly recommend Be Free Walking Tours. I had a great guide named Lucia. Lucia gave an elaborate tour of the city and had extensive knowledge of the history of Bratislava. I found the tour to be very interesting and informative.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I love sending postcards to family and friends while I’m travelling. However, I always struggle to find stamps and postboxes. Lettr recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out their services and give some postcards to my readers. It was so easy to send a postcard - everything was done online.

About Lettr
  • A company that allows travellers to send a postcard from anywhere in the world. 
  • The postcard is created online and Lettr will send it for you. All you have to do is upload your own picture and write a small message. No need to buy stamps and search for a postbox! 
  • It’s very affordable.
  • Don’t know your friend’s address? It’s okay, Lettr will send your friend a Facebook message asking them for their address.
  • It takes 2 to 3 days to send a postcard to the USA and Europe. It can take a couple of weeks to send a postcard to Australia. 

Want to send your own Lettr postcard? The first 10 people to click HERE will get to send a FREE postcard. 

If you sent a Lettr postcard, then please tell me your thoughts in the comments.

(Although Lettr approached me, my opinions are 100% my own. I only post products that I genuinely like).

Friday, 11 April 2014


My boyfriend and I travelled to Poland for five days. As soon as we hopped of the plane it was snowing. It was beautiful, but incredibly cold!

Our hostel (Greg & Tom) in Krakow was in such a good location. It also provided a free breakfast and dinner. It was right across the road from Galleria Krakowska, a great shopping centre. I’m known to be quite a frugal person, so Poland was great for me because everything was super affordable, which was also good because my wallet was running dry. 

We had a day trip to Auschwitz. We had a choice to go on a guided tour, or to go by ourselves. We decided to go by ourselves because we didn’t want to feel rushed. Auschwitz definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience. However, it certainly puts things into perspective and made me realise how harsh our world can truly be. One part of the museum showcased children’s artwork that had been created whilst they were in the concentration camp. Artists had reproduced these artworks by sketching them on the walls in one part of the museum, this part of the museum really hit me. I just couldn’t even comprehend how difficult life would have been for these children. 

Things to see in Krakow:

Auschwitz - I didn’t love Auschwitz, but it was certainly educational
Galleria Krakowska - A fabulous shopping centre, with some good places to eat
Wawel Castle - An eclectic gothic castle
Saint Mary’s Church - Inside this church is a breathtaking wooden altarpiece
Polish Pub - We definitely ate a lot schnitzel and french fries!

Things to see in Warsaw:

The Royal Castle - A beautiful red castle
The Old Town - Very quaint and colourful
The Uprising Museum - A really interesting museum

Saturday, 15 March 2014


My sister and I went on a wonderful trip to Morocco, it was great to escape the cold for a few days. It was such a vibrant and busy country. 

Things I loved in Morocco:

Jardin Majorelle - A gorgeous and colourful botanical garden owned by Yves Saint-Laurent. 

The Souks - The souks are gigantic outdoor marketplaces. The souks sell an eclectic mix of affordable things from rugs to leather bags. 

Essaouira - Essaouira is town that is a lot calmer than Marrakech. There is a beautiful beach and it was so sunny. 

The Beldi Country Club - An amazing retreat in Marrakech. It had an amazing rose farm, beautiful pools and a delicious restaurant. It was beautifully designed. 

Fellah Hotel - The Fellah Hotel is an incredible place. It was great having cocktails by the pool. The rooms were amazing, our room had gigantic bed, bathtub, closet and balcony. When we first arrived at the hotel we were served cocktails and then we entered our room, which had an array of delicious snacks. 

Atlas Mountains - We had an adventurous day when we went to the Atlas Mountains. On our way there, we visited the Women’s Argan Oil Cooperative. I bought a lot of argan oil, since it’s my beauty regime essential. We also climbed the Atlas Mountains, which was fun and daunting.