Friday, 11 April 2014


My boyfriend and I travelled to Poland for five days. As soon as we hopped of the plane it was snowing. It was beautiful, but incredibly cold!

Our hostel (Greg & Tom) in Krakow was in such a good location. It also provided a free breakfast and dinner. It was right across the road from Galleria Krakowska, a great shopping centre. I’m known to be quite a frugal person, so Poland was great for me because everything was super affordable, which was also good because my wallet was running dry. 

We had a day trip to Auschwitz. We had a choice to go on a guided tour, or to go by ourselves. We decided to go by ourselves because we didn’t want to feel rushed. Auschwitz definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience. However, it certainly puts things into perspective and made me realise how harsh our world can truly be. One part of the museum showcased children’s artwork that had been created whilst they were in the concentration camp. Artists had reproduced these artworks by sketching them on the walls in one part of the museum, this part of the museum really hit me. I just couldn’t even comprehend how difficult life would have been for these children. 

Things to see in Krakow:

Auschwitz - I didn’t love Auschwitz, but it was certainly educational
Galleria Krakowska - A fabulous shopping centre, with some good places to eat
Wawel Castle - An eclectic gothic castle
Saint Mary’s Church - Inside this church is a breathtaking wooden altarpiece
Polish Pub - We definitely ate a lot schnitzel and french fries!

Things to see in Warsaw:

The Royal Castle - A beautiful red castle
The Old Town - Very quaint and colourful
The Uprising Museum - A really interesting museum

Saturday, 15 March 2014


My sister and I went on a wonderful trip to Morocco, it was great to escape the cold for a few days. It was such a vibrant and busy country. 

Things I loved in Morocco:

Jardin Majorelle - A gorgeous and colourful botanical garden owned by Yves Saint-Laurent. 

The Souks - The souks are gigantic outdoor marketplaces. The souks sell an eclectic mix of affordable things from rugs to leather bags. 

Essaouira - Essaouira is town that is a lot calmer than Marrakech. There is a beautiful beach and it was so sunny. 

The Beldi Country Club - An amazing retreat in Marrakech. It had an amazing rose farm, beautiful pools and a delicious restaurant. It was beautifully designed. 

Fellah Hotel - The Fellah Hotel is an incredible place. It was great having cocktails by the pool. The rooms were amazing, our room had gigantic bed, bathtub, closet and balcony. When we first arrived at the hotel we were served cocktails and then we entered our room, which had an array of delicious snacks. 

Atlas Mountains - We had an adventurous day when we went to the Atlas Mountains. On our way there, we visited the Women’s Argan Oil Cooperative. I bought a lot of argan oil, since it’s my beauty regime essential. We also climbed the Atlas Mountains, which was fun and daunting. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014


This time I went to Paris and stayed with my French friend, who I met on exchange. I was very fortunate because it was like having my own personal Parisian tour guide. Also, my family and a few other friends I met in Edinburgh came to Paris. My friend took me to all her favourite places, including some delicious restaurants and charming hidden bars. 

We had a lovely French Christmas dinner. We ate foie gras, snails, roast chicken, chocolate gateau and drank amazing French wine. 

We also had a fun New Years. We had a gathering at my friend's place, which consisted of eating delicious crepes and drinking champagne. Afterwards, we went to Champs Elysees, where we welcomed the new year. We had an enjoyable time!

Things I loved in Paris:
- Strolling around Monmarte and Pigalle area - We saw the Sacre Coeur and then had hot chocolate at a cute cafe.
- Climbing the Eiffel Tower - The views of Paris were breathtaking. 
- Shopping and celebrating the new year on Champs Elysees.
- Palais de Tokyo - My favourite contemporary art museum.
- Luxembourg Gardens - Despite the plants not blossoming because of the cold weather, I saw wallabies, which were a nice reminder of Australia. 
- The Beijing Circus - We were lucky to be invited to the circus, the performers were extremely talented. 
- Cycling around Bastille and to Pere Lachaise Cemetery, where Jim Morrison and many other famous people have been buried. 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Instagram - Edinburgh

Here are some Instragrams I took whilst I was in Edinburgh. 

My username is bradygeorgia, what's yours?

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


My friends and I went to Dublin for a weekend trip. I really loved Dublin, I found it to be multicultural and alternative.

On the first day, we did a walking tour. The walking tour took us to the City Hall, Trinity College, Dublin Castle and the memorial park. Afterwards, we were exhausted, so we decided to chill out in a cafe called, ‘KC Peaches’. It was such a great cafe, the cakes were delicious! Later on in the evening, I caught up with some of my family and we went to a nice Italian restaurant. My friends and I had a quiet evening because we were tired from a busy week at university.

We had a fantastic second day. The weather was a lot warmer than in Edinburgh. We went to the Christ Church Cathedral, where there were some Christmas markets. We also went to St Auodoens Church. Later on, we went to the Guinness Store house, which was massive! We just looked around, but didn't go inside. Cake seemed to be a theme on the trip, we went to the Farmer’s Markets and bought a slice of cake each and a delicious bag of apples. In the evening, we went for a stroll along the Liffey River, which was so beautiful. Afterwards, we went to Temple Bar and then another pub near our hostel. We had such a great time drinking and listening to live music. Ireland definitely has great music in the pubs and on the streets.

The following day we went to Saint Stephen’s Green, and walked around the beautiful park. We also did some shopping on Grafton Street and ate at a great vegetarian restaurant called ‘Cornucopia’. For dinner we went to a pub that an Australian guy at our hostel recommended. We ate soooo much! We then went on a plane back to Edinburgh and began studying for exams the following day. Dublin was a great break from university. 

Saturday, 14 December 2013


On St. Andrew’s Day, some friends and I visited Edinburgh Castle. It was lovely! The exterior of the castle was incredible and we were able to have beautiful views of the city of Edinburgh because the castle had lots of lookouts. 

Later on, we went to The Standing Order, a very popular pub in Edinburgh. We devoured burgers and chocolate cake... I’ve definitely gained weight since moving to the UK :(

We then went to the Scottish National Museum, I was very happy because it showcased some Aboriginal Artwork. The museum had a roof terrace, which was amazing because we had sensational night views of the city.